Rewild Tokyo

Year 2021

With the exhibition, “Rewild Tokyo”, Maria Wandel has moved into a kind of distorted naturalism, which is reflected in the abstract. We are in the open, all over, and all the way into the wild, where the heart of nature beats.
Maria Wandel has in this new series of paintings, left the figurative motifs and narrations from the two museum exhibitions, much praised by art critics, at the Kastrupgaard Collection (2020) and Vendsyssel Art Museum (2020). Maria with the new Rewild paintings, moves further along the expressive abstract path. In 2020, she entered into an artistic collaboration with New York-based poet and concept artist, Kenneth Goldsmith. In 2021 the Danish parliament has selected Maria Wandel to paint a portrait of a famous Danish politician. The portrait is to be hung in Danish parliament. The Danish Arts Council, The Carlsberg Foundation and the 15 June Foundation have acquired several works by Maria Wandel. She is also represented in several Danish Museum Collections.